Top ways to improve your smartphone’s battery life

One of the biggest issues with smartphones today is a short battery life. It’s a sorry state of affairs when we measure the uptimes of our smartphone in hours and give great applause every time it survives a full working day on one single charge. What’s worse is that you will have to get rid of your SIM card and turn off WI-FI for you to enjoy a happily charged phone or most of the day. But this beats the whole purpose of owning a smartphone and that’s where the problem lies. If you are asking whether there are any realistic ways to prolong your phone’s battery life, this article is meant just for you. Apply the following tips, and you’ll have yourself a longer lasting battery without messing with your phone's performance.

Turn off vibration and haptic feedback.

If you want to enjoy a phone that lasts longer with a single charge, then you need to turn off that buzzing sound it produces when you type anything on the screen. Yes, it sounds cool but it does your battery more harm than good. The other thing you immediately need to turn off is vibration alerts. Your phone will actually use more power to vibrate than it would to ring. So unless you need the added awareness, do yourself a favour and switch that off.

Update your apps

There’s definitely a reason as to why apps keep being upgraded, and in most cases, it’s because of memory and battery optimization. Likewise, you should flow with the current and never let your apps fall behind the times. Keep them updated to ensure you have the best optimization. Additionally, with all the self-uploading and auto-replicating features that smartphones now possess, you may never know what is running in the background. Therefore, be on the safe side by deleting old and unused apps as they run background processes that greatly drain your battery. Depending on your phone’s design, you can easily manage apps individually, and ensure they’re optimized for a healthier battery life.

Keep screen timeout short

One way you can reduce battery drain is to keep your screen inactive when not using the phone. Ensure your screen timeout is very short so as to automatically make your phone hibernate when not in use. Remember, the screen consumes a lot of energy when active. Therefore, save a good amount of battery energy by reducing brightness. Better yet, use auto brightness to automatically adjust brightness depending with the environs you’ll be in. Also, go for dull wallpapers as opposed to brighter ones as they use less energy. This is because dull particles are not illuminated.

Deal with WI-FI

Switching off your WI-FI when not in use will go a long way in improving your smart phone’s battery life. It takes so much energy for a phone to sniff out and try to connect to every available WI-FI signal. That’s why you should deactivate it when you’re out and about where you won’t need it. Yes, it sounds boring to keep turning your Wi-Fi on and off, but remember, it is as important if you want to preserve battery life.

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